Jono's KLZE Project - Turbo Build Begins

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    Ahh Man!!! Dont do this too me! lol

    Not sure if I can afford it with the bumper aswell!!!

    Can it be done after the swap - I assume the motor would need to be pulled again?

    Luckly my fiancee has just bought a new car so I can "borrow" that if me MX-3 is off the road now! HAHAHA

    As for the flywheel I was thinking about it, but decided to keep the K8 one as I want the car to be a comfort everyday drive - cant be assed to have it keep dropping revs when idle!!

    BTW: The ZE is all back together now - will post some pics l8r


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    Pic as promised!!!



  • phwoar!lookin beautiful mate:D

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    Thanks :D

    BTW: The blue has come out a little light with the flash, have a look a few posts above (on page 1) for the full effect of the front cam cover.

    Anyone notice the VRIS valves? 8)


  • Looks sweet, id deffo try and do the flywheel and UD pulley whilst the engines out as the UD pulley needs minor grinding of the ally block near the crank…

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    Ok, I have decided to leave the pully for now!!

    Tommy, I might be down Looe sometime this month for my cousins 18th. :D

    Looks like my parts will arrive tuesday & wednesday - so all I need now is the various oils & fluids & replacement belts and im ready for the swap - all going well I should do it next weekend!!


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    Brakes have arrived :D

    Black Diamond - Drilled & Grooved disks all round. (Black Diamond Predator Pads AR too)

    Just waiting for the clutch - if that arrives by friday then the ZE is goin in baby!!! :twisted:


  • That engine is looking sweet..

    Good luck with the swap, take lots of pics and make lots of notes as yo go. We could do with a swap guide on here… :wink:

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    Looks like I have everything I need now:

    The MX-3 has gone to bed early, as it has a few big days ahead of it :D

    The swap is going ahead tomorrow… :shock:


  • nice one mate and good luck….

  • good luck!

  • I wish I lived near you, I'd love to have lent a hand. Keep us posted… bet you can't wait :D

  • Gripforce Clutch By any Chance Jono, here was my ZE before dropping in when i was swaping bits over both next to each other on the floor 8) I have got all my old pics now so will make a swap guide soon, call me if you have any probs….

    This was the last time my old K8 saw daylight, poor thing, Dec 2005

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    Tommy, no not a gripforce - xceedy I think, lol.

    After 2 days of f*****g rusted & ceased bolts the ZE is in!! (Almost)

    K8, all ready to come out

    Up it goes

    Umm… is something missing from this picture?? lol

    Wont need this anymore

    ZE is in!

    So the ZE is in, all the under car things are back on & done, just leaves the harness & the crap on top to go back in :D

    Btw EGR is sooo easy to migrate! :D

    I will give the full step by step after it is all done! With the list of swapped parts.

    Next update will be ZE running (I hope!!!)


  • awesome!

    The first time it ever starts up is such a good feeling! :)

  • Yeah well done :D

    All your hard work has paid off, brt you cant wait to get it going.

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    WOW! The car started first time last night - it was such a good feeling, it sounds so much better then the K8! And the induction noise is even loader! lol

    This is how it looks this morning:

    The only issue I have is that the passenger side VRIS connector on the harness does not reach the new location on the IM, gona see if I can releave any wire tonight, if not then its just 2 wires so a bit of time and careful soldering should sort it!

    Oh, and I need to buy a longer vacuume pipe for the pcv valve to the IM.

    Tonight I will take it for its first drive - I cant wait to get home from work!!!!


  • looks awesome mate. Let us know how it drives!

  • Where di you get your curbed neck from?? I have a straight neck on the one I bought but not sure where to get a curved from over here. Could do with swapping really I dont want to have to buy another inlet the engine has stretched me out for now!!!

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    I got the IM as part of the engine from Nippon Spares, they are a jap importer.

    So last night I tried the new ECU, guess what… it didnt work :( so until I work out whats wrong with it, or get a new one I will have to run on the K8 ecu, which will be crap. :(

    Noticed one of the rad pipe clips has become loose, so will replace that tonight.

    The bonnet cover is going back on tonight, then when the new tie rod ends & lower swivel joint bolts arrive tomorrow I should be able to go for a test drive, although im not expecting much with the K8 ECU :(

    Also I fogot to say before... I wasnt able to fit the new clutch, well the clutch seemed to fit ok, but the release bearing was wayyy to small :( so I will be having a moan at the company who built it and should be able to swap it over soon, looks like its not that hard to remove the g box without the whole engine again!



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