Jono's KLZE Project - Turbo Build Begins

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    im 21,

    Have a look at their web site, it explains all:


  • I'm already with Adrian Flux (am 23, one month away from first NCB) and they've been really good so far, best quote by far, but I was skeptical about the engine change.

    I was kind of considering not telling them as I anticipated it going up by about 600, but if you're saying it's only 200ish extra with ZE and a turbo, then I'll definitely declare it.

    They're not so good with non-sporty cars though. When I crashed my MX-3 I got a little diesel 205 as a run around in the meantime, and changing the policy from the MX-3 V6 (paid upfront) and when I changed the policy over to the 205 with about 6 months left, I only got £150 back. Bloody rip-off considering I'd paid 1700 for the policy.

    So yeah conclusion; Adrian Flux are spot on for modded motors, but shit for regular runarounds.

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    Ok, I have been getting the ZE ready for a few weeks now, and most parts are on order for the swap!

    Over the last 6 weekends I have been working on the IM - Polishing, which has been a real pain!

    Now I have painted the cam covers:

    Rear Cam Cover:

    Front Cam Cover: (Before)

    Front Cam Cover (After - Some Letters need to be touched up as they got of blue on them)

    Inlet Manifold: (Nearly Finished Polish & Before Paint)

    Hopefully tonight I should be able to finish the IM and get everything back onto the engine, then…. I should be able to get the ZE swapped in the next few weeks :D


  • Nice work buddy, sanding the Inlet is a pain but worth it.

  • Looking tasty mate, bet you're excited as fook.

  • thats it im saving for a klze!!!

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    Yep, cant wait!!

    If all goes to plan I should be swapping weekend after next! :twisted:

    I got most of the stuff back on last night, just gota do a few bits to the IM tonight and then all I have to do is wait for my clutch & brakes.


  • There is a K series UD pulley on ebay for £30 and £12 delivery!

    Get it, 5 Bhp extra due to less rotational friction from underdriving auxilliarys…You will need a shorter belt for the Power steering and Alternator from Halfords but for a cost of £50 for it all its a sweet mod...

    Also try and stretch for a Fidenza flywheel, they aint cheap but if you want rapid accel its a little help!

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    Ahh Man!!! Dont do this too me! lol

    Not sure if I can afford it with the bumper aswell!!!

    Can it be done after the swap - I assume the motor would need to be pulled again?

    Luckly my fiancee has just bought a new car so I can "borrow" that if me MX-3 is off the road now! HAHAHA

    As for the flywheel I was thinking about it, but decided to keep the K8 one as I want the car to be a comfort everyday drive - cant be assed to have it keep dropping revs when idle!!

    BTW: The ZE is all back together now - will post some pics l8r


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    Pic as promised!!!



  • phwoar!lookin beautiful mate:D

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    Thanks :D

    BTW: The blue has come out a little light with the flash, have a look a few posts above (on page 1) for the full effect of the front cam cover.

    Anyone notice the VRIS valves? 8)


  • Looks sweet, id deffo try and do the flywheel and UD pulley whilst the engines out as the UD pulley needs minor grinding of the ally block near the crank…

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    Ok, I have decided to leave the pully for now!!

    Tommy, I might be down Looe sometime this month for my cousins 18th. :D

    Looks like my parts will arrive tuesday & wednesday - so all I need now is the various oils & fluids & replacement belts and im ready for the swap - all going well I should do it next weekend!!


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    Brakes have arrived :D

    Black Diamond - Drilled & Grooved disks all round. (Black Diamond Predator Pads AR too)

    Just waiting for the clutch - if that arrives by friday then the ZE is goin in baby!!! :twisted:


  • That engine is looking sweet..

    Good luck with the swap, take lots of pics and make lots of notes as yo go. We could do with a swap guide on here… :wink:

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    Looks like I have everything I need now:

    The MX-3 has gone to bed early, as it has a few big days ahead of it :D

    The swap is going ahead tomorrow… :shock:


  • nice one mate and good luck….

  • good luck!

  • I wish I lived near you, I'd love to have lent a hand. Keep us posted… bet you can't wait :D


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