Jono's KLZE Project - Turbo Build Begins

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    Hey all,

    I finally built up the courage to do it :)

    Current Car: 1994 1.8L V6 MX-3

    Current Mods:
    17" Alloys
    Clear Rear Lights
    Green Air Induction Kit
    Twin 30mm Back Box

    Sound System: (For those that like the ICE side :))
    Sony Xplod MD Head Unit
    4 Sony Xplod Component Speakers
    Sony 6 Disk CD Changer
    Fusion 12" Sub
    Fusion 800W 2 Channel Amp
    (Some Unknown Brand) 4 Channel Amp

    I plan to drop in a 2.5L V6 KL-ZE motor and I plan on building a custom Turbo install.

    Well the KL-ZE is on order, should arrive by 12th December

    A few more parts left to order and I will be ready to drop it in.

    The Turbo part of the project will start when the ZE is in!

    This is how the MX-3 currently looks:

    Current Engine Bay:

    Next Post: Bumper Repair!!!


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    A few months ago some nice person reversed into my MX-3, I wasnt around to see it, but when got back to the car there it was.. a nice hole in the front!

    Anyway I got over it and decided it would be ok for now, as I will be buying the Mazdaspeed bumper early next year!

    Last week I was up all night due to a leaking radiator & water going into the down stairs flat!! So I leave for work and miss judge the exit from my driveway and clip the fence post and do this: (the fence post was not harmed! lol)

    So I had 3 options,

    1. Buy the new bumper early
    2. Get a body shop to repair it for over £150
    3. Repair it myself for £30

    And I decided to go with the 3rd option :)

    So far I have sanded down, appyed P38 Filler to the hole & applyed one coat of filler primer.. Unfortunately garage space and the weather here are not helping much!

    I have now sanded down the filler primer, providing the weather holds off I should be able to get the next & last filler primer coat on after work :)


  • Welcome to UK-MX3,

    Thats quite an ambitious project taking on not only a KLZE swap but a Turbo aswell and not a cheap one either.

    Has the engine arrived yet? How much did you pay for it? Where did you get it from?

    I thought the KLDE was the preffered starting point for making a Turbo not a KLZE. Ther KLDE has a lower compression ratio than the KLZE, which is important if you plan to go turbo. The difference is in the shape of the pistons I believe - KLZE have flat top pistons, KLDE have a concave top thus lowering compression.

    To be honest from what I have heard from Babybluemx3 Uprated pistons and con rods is the only realistic way to go if you want an engine with longterm stability.

    And thats just the start of the shopping list. Keep us informed and we will help out where we can.

    Talk to Garfy on this forum, he has done a ZE swap.

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    Yeah, I have been told that im mad, but im up for the challenge! I have done quite a bit of research on boosting the ZE, and for my current power goals I should be ok!

    As far as I understand by lowering the CR I will loose low end power, this is not what I need, plus I am only going to run about 5psi :)

    I think I can do a custom turbo build for around £2K, I will be building all the cold pipes myself and plan on using the US MX6 Hot pipes kit (which I hear requires some modification)

    I do now have the engine in the garage, will get it mounted up this weekend so that I can start work on it! :)

    Not much needs to be done, just the normal changes as its out!

    I have already had a chat with garfy, and he has provided me with some very usefull info! :)

    Anyway, I will try to update with some pics when I start work on the engine this weekend!


    Edit: I got the engine from Nippon Spares ( Barking, Essex ) & it cost me about £750 - which included KLZE, Round Neck IM, KL36 TB & ECU

  • keep us posted and take lots of pics and notes and we will give it a section in the modding guide.

  • Nice one mate, definately keep us posted.

    I've just bought another mx-3 with exactly the same purpose - struggling to source the engine at the moment though! Got the car (black '94 v6 with old style half-leather interior - my fave) for £250 with 80k on the clock, driveable but with oil leaks. Seemed perfect for the job.

    What was the est. mileage on your ZE? £750 seems pretty expensive compared to the $600 most Americans and Canadians are paying, but that's the price we pay for living in good ol' Britain I guess.

    Be sure to take loads of photos of the swap - I'm itching to see how it goes, also planning to do it myself with my mate who's a full-time mechanic.

    Good luck!

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    They told me it should be under 25K, i have had the cam covers off and they look like they have hardly been used (Very good condition)

    Was quite good gettin it from nippon spares, as I dont live that far from them I went down there when they got them in, picked the best one out of 3, swapped some bits that were better on the other ones (travel damage) and got free delivery via my dads van! lol


  • I have to say Jono, the car seems to be in bloody good condition for a '94.
    Has it been re-sprayed or just very well waxed?

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    It only had 2 owners before me, both of them took very good care of it!

    There is no evidence of a respray, and some of the car was starting to fade when I got it, so I gave it a good T-Cutting and that made a BIG difference!!

    On another note: Insurance

    If anyone is thinking of doing the swap or even as far as I plan with a Turbo, I highly recommend speaking to Adrian Flux for insurance.

    They quoted me half what I payed last year with my old insurer, plus the company they put me with allow any mod, and only charge you £25 a time if you declare, so for me it will be: Standard - KLZE - Turbo, it will cost me the £50 + any change to premium, which is only about £200 with the ZE & Turbo!!!

    As I am a young driver this makes a massive difference to how much I fork out each year - Well Pleased! :D


  • When you say young driver, what do you mean?
    I'm 22, 3 points on my license, live in a very low crime rate area and my insurance cover won't let me change anything performance wise.
    how old are you, if you don't mind me asking?

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    im 21,

    Have a look at their web site, it explains all:


  • I'm already with Adrian Flux (am 23, one month away from first NCB) and they've been really good so far, best quote by far, but I was skeptical about the engine change.

    I was kind of considering not telling them as I anticipated it going up by about 600, but if you're saying it's only 200ish extra with ZE and a turbo, then I'll definitely declare it.

    They're not so good with non-sporty cars though. When I crashed my MX-3 I got a little diesel 205 as a run around in the meantime, and changing the policy from the MX-3 V6 (paid upfront) and when I changed the policy over to the 205 with about 6 months left, I only got £150 back. Bloody rip-off considering I'd paid 1700 for the policy.

    So yeah conclusion; Adrian Flux are spot on for modded motors, but shit for regular runarounds.

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    Ok, I have been getting the ZE ready for a few weeks now, and most parts are on order for the swap!

    Over the last 6 weekends I have been working on the IM - Polishing, which has been a real pain!

    Now I have painted the cam covers:

    Rear Cam Cover:

    Front Cam Cover: (Before)

    Front Cam Cover (After - Some Letters need to be touched up as they got of blue on them)

    Inlet Manifold: (Nearly Finished Polish & Before Paint)

    Hopefully tonight I should be able to finish the IM and get everything back onto the engine, then…. I should be able to get the ZE swapped in the next few weeks :D


  • Nice work buddy, sanding the Inlet is a pain but worth it.

  • Looking tasty mate, bet you're excited as fook.

  • thats it im saving for a klze!!!

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    Yep, cant wait!!

    If all goes to plan I should be swapping weekend after next! :twisted:

    I got most of the stuff back on last night, just gota do a few bits to the IM tonight and then all I have to do is wait for my clutch & brakes.


  • There is a K series UD pulley on ebay for £30 and £12 delivery!

    Get it, 5 Bhp extra due to less rotational friction from underdriving auxilliarys…You will need a shorter belt for the Power steering and Alternator from Halfords but for a cost of £50 for it all its a sweet mod...

    Also try and stretch for a Fidenza flywheel, they aint cheap but if you want rapid accel its a little help!

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    Ahh Man!!! Dont do this too me! lol

    Not sure if I can afford it with the bumper aswell!!!

    Can it be done after the swap - I assume the motor would need to be pulled again?

    Luckly my fiancee has just bought a new car so I can "borrow" that if me MX-3 is off the road now! HAHAHA

    As for the flywheel I was thinking about it, but decided to keep the K8 one as I want the car to be a comfort everyday drive - cant be assed to have it keep dropping revs when idle!!

    BTW: The ZE is all back together now - will post some pics l8r


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    Pic as promised!!!




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