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  • @46f6774542=barrywhite21:

    Still got 3 mx-3's only you, admin and djmarcopolo can boast that, also that new one looks real nice 8) 8)

    Not for long tho as im starting the major strip down of the red 96 3 at the weekend then i will be getting rid of the shell.
    The new one does look good thanks, im a bit of a sucker for a red 3 (more character).

  • @5a5308691b=barrywhite21:

    Still got 3 mx-3's only you, admin and djmarcopolo can boast that, also that new one looks real nice 8) 8)

    Better get another one while theyre cheap LOL

    Looking good, I was eyeing this one up from ebay as it looked good for the cash
    Look forward to seeing more done :D

  • @3036dd4573=djmarcopolo:


    Still got 3 mx-3's only you, admin and djmarcopolo can boast that, also that new one looks real nice 8) 8)

    Better get another one while theyre cheap LOL

    Looking good, I was eyeing this one up from ebay as it looked good for the cash
    Look forward to seeing more done :D

    I need to get her running first to check everything is working then source a KL-ZE and lots of other bits, i've got a big shopping list on my ebay watch list.
    I dont think i will be getting another one as i haven't got the room for 3 mx3's and a long wheel base van, the neighbours are pissed with me already me thinks.

  • @525b15fcf2=barrywhite21:

    Still got 3 mx-3's only you, admin and djmarcopolo can boast that, also that new one looks real nice 8) 8)

    lol is that 3 of us on here with 3 mx3s now lol
    latest looks well

  • good things come in threes aparently!! :D .

    keep toying with idea of another but would only do it if the right model turned up.

    Would love to ship a genuine mazdaspeed version over from far east, but most get chopped up for parts :(

    looking good, keep us posted

  • Ive always wanted a autozam az3 but will end up buying another mx3, but that not for a long time.

    Well i've got her cleaned and polished and the battery is on charge ready to get her going saturday, I got one of those covers that DJ got which fits well but is hard to keep on in this weather (lots of cable ties sorted it).
    Does anyone know if the coil pack is different on OBD1 compared to OBD2 as the dizzy looks different?

  • Quick update…... I've given up with the klze and decided to drop in a klde as they are far easier to get hold of and I may of found a car to do the swap

  • Ok I'm in need of help!!! I've done too much to just to give up with it and I will not scrap another mx3.

    when I purchased the car It was a none runner, It had ignition issues in the past because I have receipts for the work carried out on it and the loom has signs of being probed all over the engine bay.
    It came with a Clifford alarm and this had been spliced into the loom and then changed about and been spliced into different places (have recipes for the rework). So to level yhe playing field I cut out the clifford and the car sprung into life after being sat on my drive for 3 years.
    After starting I had oil everywhere as the oil filter had perished so I purchased a new filter and changed the oil then I noticed there was no water. After looking about I found out there was no antifreeze in the car and the harsh winters had caused the plastic radiator pipe to split where the filler cap is and pushed out the two o-rings on the water connecting pipes that run between the two bank's, all three were repaired quickly.

    So now I have a running mx3 again :mrgreen: (at this point anyway).
    So I started getting it ready for MOT just befor Christmas.
    I needed new brakes and disc's so I went all out and got EBC groved and drilled disc's with green stuff pads, fitted and refurbed the calipers.
    I found the was some extensive welding work that needed doing inside the rear wheel arches, the mount for the rear trailing arm and both cills. All were cleaned, plated, sealed and sprayed with shuts.
    The next thing was the flexi pipe on the exhaust. Everything was seized but got the old pipe off and purchased a stainless flexi off of Christopher from the Facebook page (not sure what his username is on here). The pipe needed modification to fit as the down pipes on the stainless steel manifolds are longer but this was easily done. The rear lamda sensor thread was destroyed when it was removed from the old pipe so I had to source a new one.

    whilst the exhaust saga was unfolding the weather started to get cold so in a blind panic I put loads of antifreeze in the engine and started the car to pump it around ( with no lamda sensors conected) and the car died :? And wouldn't start. Thinking it was because of the lamda sesors not being connected I was to worried.
    The new rear lamba sensor was fitted with the newly modified flexi pipe and the car wouldn't start :x
    With loads of fiddling about with wires that I may of touched whist sorting the exhaust the car started and ran for half hour and then just died again.
    Over the last couple of months I've replaced the plugs on the dizzy and checked wiring all over the engine bay but nothing has worked.
    I then purchased a new ignition coil but this hasn't solved the problem.

    So today I destroyed on of my son's toy car's so I could get a LED and bridged ten to ground, put the LED in fen and +b and nothing. I checked the LED on the battery and that worked but would not light up on the diagnostic plug.

    One thing that boggles me is every now and then the radiator fan kicks in for no aparenu reason and will only shut down when you turn the ignition off.

    I hope someone could put me in the right direction as I want to drive this car. Driving a diesel citreon is boring, I want mx3 v6 action again.

  • I'm Chris bud :)

    For the fans, I'd look at a small single wire sensor drivers side of the bay between the two rocker covers, it's the coolant sensor.

    It should kick in when the engine gets to to temp, but if it's disconnected it will read as overtemp all the time. If it's a bad connection, it will fire at random giving you something like your issue.

    I've also fired mine up without the 02's connected, won't hurt it, but it will cause it to run rich.

    What happens if you reset the ECU. (Disconnect neg, hold brake pedal down for 10 seconds, reconnect neg) then try to fire her up.

  • I've tried resetting the ecu to no joy. I just went thru the paperwork I got with the car and it has had 2 replacement dizzys in the past so I'm thinking it could be the modulator that is at fault but seeing as it has had an ignition problem twice before there might be an underlining electrical isaue.

  • After searching for a klze for years and finding I have either not got the money at the time one is for sale or missing it completely, I have finally given up :(
    So I settled for a DE, all I need to do is source a ecu that will run on a obd1 loom and use a je50 vaf
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • Well I'm back on the project, also with a new user name because my login wouldn't work after the site migration.
    Loads of stuff has changed with me but I still have one of my flame red v6 mx3's and also now have 1 of the 3 v6 eunos presso's in the UK.
    Now I have the time because of lock down to work on them and get the klde back together so keep an eye on the thread for future updates.

  • Made some real progress this week, amen to lock down!
    The intake manifold has been port matched to the thermal gasket set and I've also cleaned up some of the edges inside to manifold.
    Manifold, throttle body and fuel rails were the painted and reassembled.

    The heads were sent off to be skimmed and pressure tested then I've port matched the heads to both thermal gaskets on the intake side, port matched to the exhaust gaskets on the other side and I also knife edged the exhaust ports to get rid of the nasty gasses quicker. Egr delete was also made and installed.
    These have also been painted and ready for reassemble.


    Rocker covers have been prepped for paint but I can't decide on the colour.
    I'm now just waiting on parts, mainly gaskets so I can't get it all back together.

  • Rocker covers painted, I went with a rover peal (rover KMN).
    Primed in zinc primer and then 4 coats of normal primer. Guide coated then wet sanded

    Base coat

    And lacquered

    They look good with 4 coats of lacquer on them. Just need to get them back on the car.

  • Messed around with the sump today, seeing if I can baffle it to prevent oil starvation during track days.

    Not my best welding but it will do as a prototype.

  • Spoiler alert.... Always wanted to say that 😂
    Today I started on something different, a duck tail spoiler. This is something that was never made for the mx3 and I think will suit the look of my car when everything is finished.

    Mocked up first on a oem boot garnish and crafted out of expanding foam. Covered in gaffer tape ready for fiberglass.

    I apologise for the picture links. I can't seem to get the link right to post them direct.

  • Got the spoiler sanded down today, there are some parts that are not good enough but I can't sort that with a little bit of fibreglass filler.

    That's a sexy rear....

    Loads more to do on this. Lots of filler, dolphin glaze and primer to get it perfect then paint.

  • @mazdax3 Looking good!!


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