Nexussteve's Ninja MX-3

  • Hey guys.
    I've been putting this off for a while, as I wanted to debut her at a show first!
    With the Modified Live Show happening tomorrow at Brands Hatch, it's time for you all to see what I've done!

    Please remember though - I've done this on a limited budget, with limited time. This car so far (including buying it!) has cost me £500!

    I'll let the pictures do the talking!
    Let me know what you think! :)



    The bodywork isn't perfect, but I'll come back to it after the show and neaten it up!
    I've also got a HUUUGE crack in the windscreen, which I can't afford to replace til middle of next month. :( Gutted about that.

    Big thanks to djmarcopolo for recommending the flyeyekit! Great stuff!!

  • Looks awesome nice work!!!! :D

  • Looks really good, nice work.

  • if i had mine running id pop down there as its only half hour from me!, sadly i have to make to with lounging around the garden with bbq on the go 8)

  • Looks really nice, just dont t-cut it :)

  • looks great mate keep up the good work

  • I'm always a fan of a decent flat black job 8) nice work

  • Looks great dude 8)

  • Cheers guys! Much appreciated!!!

    I've had the age-old MX-3 problem of the concertina-style in-take pipe splitting (Was like it when I bought it)
    At the time, I patched it up with good ol' gaffa tape, until The Probe Store eventually had their induction kits in stock…. sigh -_-

    But, as it's been so hot, all the tape is coming off and I've been having loads of problems bunny-hopping and actually stalling, so rather than sit around for another 100 years for the induction kits to come into stock, I decided to mock up my own induction from a few bits of pipe and a filter!

    Everything works great, and I even have a noticeble amount of response going on now! :D

    Pictures coming soon! :)

  • yes yes! pics of your intake job!

  • Very nice, really liking that flat paint job, another thing you can do that would work perfect on yours that I love on mine is…

    Silver VHT paint on the wiper arms front and rear, the fog light surrounds and the wind deflector on the sunroof and change the wiper blades over to flat blades (cost £15 total)
    (use VHT paint because it does not need a primer and is hard wearing and flat blades look very tidy)

  • Bearing in mind this was just a temporary bodge just until I can get hold of a proper induction kit (the car is my daily driver for the next couple of months)

    Here's a pic:

    Couldn't believe the space saved after that box came out!!

  • I got a replacement pipe for ya if you want it?

  • The concertina-style ones?

  • yeah, its perfect though bought it off mechanic? on here i think, i thought it was for my 1.6 but turns out to be for the bigger engines

  • No thanks mate! Think I'd rather save the money and get the full induction kit!

    Thanks anyways! :)

  • Big update!

    Well, it's definately been a while, but I've been very busy with the motor!

    A quick list of things I've done:

    -Replaced windscreen
    -Fitted Probe Store Induction Kit
    -Fitted Jap plates
    -Sprayed and fitted MX6 mirrors (Just need to wire in the folding electrics)
    -Fitted new Razo gearknob
    -Sprayed and fitted mudguards (spats soon!)
    -Sprayed and fitted Jap spec front splitter

    Recently though, Ninja is starting to show her age! :P

    I've had a number of things go wrong with her and it's starting to mount up!!

    Current problems:

    -Severly leaky rocker covers:

    -Rear near-side shock completely gone:

    -Hole in the backbox (size of 10 pence piece) and a split at the backbox-mid section join (not pictured)

    -Major problem with the gearbox/transmission (video)

    Also, she's in desperate need of a FULL service!!!

    Ok, problems solved so far:

    -Full Tokico Shocks and H&R lowering springs on the way
    -Holes temporarily patched up. Will be buying another system with a stainless backbox and decat within next couple of weeks.

    The car itself is looking pretty good, but until the weather gets better, no pics! Will update this when she's got the new suspension on too!

    Cheers for looking! ^^

  • Will be selling up very soon and for dirt cheap.

    Car has problems and I don't have the time or money to fix them (due to other projects)

    Will let you guys have first dibs if anyone is interested!

    Post and pics to come soon!

  • shame, let me know what parts you have or parts if breaking and dibs on the eunos lght on the rear :)

  • @9c285f87a0=djmarcopolo:

    shame, let me know what parts you have or parts if breaking and dibs on the eunos lght on the rear :)

    I'll be doing my best to sell as a whole. As mentioned before, don't have the time to work on it, let alone strip it!

    Also, I don't have the eunos light on the back! Unless you meant the clusters?


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