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  • @92577939fd=robx1r:

    ehhhhhh….... ptfe is nearly the worst thing you could put near a cars paint work fine if your doing underwater driving but please dont use that crap it'll embed itself into your paint and lift the laqure

    I did check with a valeting company if you can use it on cars before hand and they seemed to think it was perfectly fine, on the bottle its stated as fine on painted surfaces and my car hasnt lost any lacquer yet after over a years worth of polishing every 3 months with it.

    After a quick search I have found that there are 4 main companies using PTFE +PTEF including turtle wax and car-tek so it cannot be that bad

  • black mx with bronze alloys would look the nutz, nice clean motor mate :D

  • Finally got rid of the awful gearknob fitted to the car today and put on one from a 323f, so happy days.

    But more importantly… Collecting an Eunos Presso front lip on Sunday! :D

    It's silver so it will have to get sprayed, but I'd say I'll just fit it to the car anyway. :)


  • :? what?

  • @6f4fc8f5b9=Rainmaker:


    I dont get it?

  • sorry sorry sorry typo now fixed…

  • @3d8b876f40=Rainmaker:

    sorry sorry sorry typo now fixed…

    Lol, that's what i thought you meant… oh how it can go terribly wrong.

  • i know i know wasnt paying attention….

  • ouch :!:

  • look like primary school bog roll :shock:

  • @31ece49217=barrywhite21:

    look like primary school bog roll :shock:

    Glad it wasn't just my schools, but they seem to use grease proof paper lol

  • @e662e9332f=barrywhite21:

    look like primary school bog roll :shock:

    Primary school bog roll was the worst, it didnt realy clean it up more spread it around LOL

  • Collected the Eunos Presso front lip today, don't have a pic as I can't find the camera… :(

    Just begun rubbing it down to take a few of the scuffs out and to ready it for a coat of primer. Looks well cool and can't wait to get it onto the car, I'll probably try hunt down the full length JDM sideskirts as well but they are really rare so I doubt I'll come accross them.

    But, on a more exciting note, in the near future there is a Jap Import MX coming up for sale that I might be buying for parts, so that will mean I'd be getting a load of the stuff I want from that car, like the V6 wheels and JDM spoiler...and hopefully the twin pipe exhaust if that will fit. Has anybody tried putting the tailpipe from a V6 onto a 1.6 and does it fit directly on without modification? I've got a feeling the pipe diameter will be different.... :/

  • If you want JDM parts try here - bit pricey though

    and try this shop
    The eyelids below cost £22 inc delivery from here

  • @8300fb01cc=djmarcopolo:

    If you want JDM parts try here - bit pricey though

    :shock: Those wind deflectors! I want some deflectors but not for that price $179.99

  • @a873286d30=nightstalker:


    If you want JDM parts try here - bit pricey though

    :shock: Those wind deflectors! I want some deflectors but not for that price $179.99

    I have one of those, a passenger side one in the loft, I had a pair but doing about 95 on the motorway in severe gales head on gusts of a total around 160 ripped the drivers side one off

    Make me an offer for the passenger one, its just sat upstairs doing nowt

  • Okay, well I haven't really done anything with the car since I updated this last but I've got the Eunos Presso lip ready for primer.

    I went around the car and identified every bit of paint & bodywork that I need to fix, since I'm completely broke it won't be done very soon, but I've applied for an ESB apprenticeship so hopefully that comes through so I can get some money together to get the car resprayed.

    My only real source of income until/if I get the apprenticeship is to spray and sell these two Vespas which I bought a while back:

    I've a compressor and spray gun at home so when I'm respraying these I'll do them in the black my MX-3 is and spray the MX's front & rear bumper with the same paint. I don't want to do the rest of the panels myself so I'll let them onto a professional crowd.

    So here's all the bits that need fixing on my 3:

    I took the pics while it was still a bit wet. The most obvious problem is the front bumper.

    The passenger door was resprayed at some point and some of it has started to come off, the door itself is grand, there's no dints or anything in it, it just looks slightly scruffy because of paint.

    The rear bumper has a parking scuff in it.

    Above the rear number plate there are some scratches in the bumper from where a dog or something was climbing into the back, and the paint has some very light cracking.

    There's a couple of minor dents are scratches on a few other panels but they are very minor, I might just get the whole car resprayed if I'm fairly flush.

  • Im loving those two scoots fella, px 125 or p200e

  • PX80's!

    Both were imported from Germany by the same dealer, they are the same year, and the reg numbers match almost exactly! Got a nice Simonini pipe to put onto one of 'em too. :D


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