• Bought and ready to rock some more blueness :D

  • Those seats look especially nice. 8)

  • Done a few bits today that I have wanted to do for a while.

    Firstly fitted a grounding kit that I made myself with some heavy earth cable to match the cable fitted as standard, I ran one cable to the bolt holding a mount on the back of the inlet manifold. The next was connected to the earthing point for the starter motor then I have made a 3rd to connect to the small bolt that attaches the distributer that is not in the picture.
    Have noticed that the starter spins slightly faster and the car starts quicker and seem to have lost a little flat spot at low revs but over time will keep you posted on whether it has saved any fuel.

    Today my chrome MX-5 exterior door handles turned up so have fitted them

  • Been after some of these for ages and have just fitted them
    Black lexus style rear lights, have ordered a full set of LED rear lights to make them look completely original

  • cool thay look good mate

  • Lookin good dj lookin realllllll good! 8) love those eye brows makes the car look mean,think i will do the same!!!

  • Just an update to work ongoing, I have fitted my JDM eunos high level brake light and just waiting on 2 brake light bulb holders to arrive then I will be re-wiring the rear lights to have a dual rear light and dual rear fog light in LED bulbs and will wire that up when I have it all together

    I did try fitting my new RS spoiler but the hatch garnish was so brittle it broke into 4 or 5 parts just carrying it to the car when I got the rear spoiler off. So I now need a new hatch garnish :evil: :evil:
    I have a new sunroof panel to fit as mine has rust spots, I have a new rear bumper in A1 condition and some wind deflectors in my shed all to fit in august.

    I have found a solution to the crap number plate plinth that mazda made as thin as possible.

    I have fitted the number plate mount from a MK2 MR2 that cost me £1 from my local scrappy as it looked very similar. The mount seems to make the plate lower and is half the thickness of the MX one and is very strong and to finish I fitted a pair of brookstone chrome number plate surrounds.
    Only problem I found is that the plate being lower means it pivots on its mounts easier so I chucked a couple of tiny stainless screws in the top corners of the plate and this cured it

  • Number plate surround of an MR2 looks neat nice mod. 8)

  • Hi again another update.
    I fitted a new rear bumper I found on a scrap equipe that is almost mint

    I bought a massive EVO style spoiler just for the garnish so that will be up for sale soon but I fitted the garnish today and then fitted the RS spoiler on top of that and quite happy with the results.

    Next job is remove rear lights and reseal them, then wire up the high level brake light and do the twin rear light conversion and double fog light to balance it out so I should have 4 round lights on side lights when I get it done



  • The RS Spoiler is a thing of pure sex.

    Nice work buddy.

  • RS spoiler is lovely! So do you have a spare garnish to sell me ;)

  • Looks sweet! Nice one.

  • Got quite a bit done today, a service was in order so I have just fitted a set of bosch super 4s, new 5w 30 fully synthetic oil and new oil filter.

    I took the rear lights out and properly resealed them with sikaflex 227 to stop them fogging up and tried drying as best as possible.

    I have now done the twin rear light conversion and will be posting a how to very soon as its quite easy to do. I am fitting a new sunroof very soon and will be doing a how to with that.

    I have fully changed the rear lights over to LEDs and fitted the bits I needed to stop the LEDs freaking out because the low draw from them.

    Anyway heres a photo of what they look like

    The twin rears come on with the lights, the brake lights work normally and now I have twin fog lights on the rear too.

  • Looks good, although I do not see the point in the twin fog conversion. It's a quirky mod but pretty useless really considering the time it must take to do it? I think a twin brake light conversion would be a better idea 8)

  • @b99216aa14=nightstalker:

    Looks good, although I do not see the point in the twin fog conversion. It's a quirky mod but pretty useless really considering the time it must take to do it? I think a twin brake light conversion would be a better idea 8)

    Twin brake is completely possible but you then have a major problem with the fog light, issues with cross wiring and when you turn the fogs on it would lead to all 4 brake lights being on permanently unless you fitted the eunos high level brake light and wire that to the fog cable. Its not that hard to do that conversion.

    The whole conversion took 30 minutes total

  • Had another boring day at work so did a major job today that turned out to be a lot easier than expected.

    My sunroof panel had the dreaded rot in it that a lot of MXs get and was lucky enough to have found another Equipe being broken and sunroof was like brand new so I have changed the complete sunroof unit so I now have no rust in the bodywork. It took just over 2hrs working on my own

    I will upload a how to very soon

  • Hoping to have some lowering springs along soon

    Now just purchased
    Quick shift gear lever kit
    Stainless steel de cat pipe
    Clear repeaters
    New mega loud horn :D

  • The clocks went back and I forgot so I was up at 5am this morning :x

    As soon as it was light I stripped the gear lever and fitted a short shift gear lever, it is now a very close box and only moves half of what it did before.
    No more knocking my knuckles in 5th when the satnav is plugged in :)

    Am now looking at getting some thin stainless sheet cut like the splash back stuff in B&Q and replace the gaitor with a ferrari style polished metal plate

    and also fitted the old school klaxon horn under the bonnet. :P

  • nice 1 on the shifter, what 1 did u buy and if ur shiter help up by 2 rubber mounts? i was stripping a MX3 today at the scrap yard for the arm rest centre console thing and noticed it looks like the upgraded the mounting with a box?

  • Mine is the rubber mount on a bar, a pain in the ass but it works fine, I imported it from america like all my spares and cost £38 all in.
    Feels great too, last one I had was in a capri and loved that too

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