Induction kits

  • wats the best one out there?was thinking of buying the one from probe mx store, or a HKS super mega flow kit.
    so wat have you lot got then?…

  • ive got a ripspeed filter. see my project page… 4 terras

  • The problem with the MX3 is there are no real gaps for an induction kit to source cold air apart from in the wing or behind the bumper with removal of a bit of metal near the bulkhead.

    I would always recomend that you get a fully enclosed airfilter. The open mushrooms style filters suck in hot air from the engine bay. The MX bay gets very hot so this is not a good idea (although i started this way because i wanted some induction noise, lol)

    The best air filters are Closed Induction Kits, these have a housing around the fitler and a pipe which can be put where there is a vast readiness of air. I cut out a 3" hole on my wing. Got a 3" bass port from a local Car Audio shop, moulded fiberglass and now its a scoop which faces forward and gives me a ram effect.

    Its off the car now for respraying…..looks tatty as sanded down, but you get the idea, im spraying it today as i was waiting for the plastic primer to go hard..

    This setup works great and is much better than having an open filter in the engine bay, let me hit you with some knowledege. I have an Alevel in Physics and AVCE in Engineering and didnt know how fragile power efficiency was. Cold air is denser, so has more Oxygen in the same Volume compared with warmer (expanded) air. This means the Denser air can burn more fuel!

    For every extra Degree C of Inlet temperature, You loose just over 1 percent of Power, Fact!!!!

    If its 10 Degrees C higher temp in your inlet manifold due to drawing air through an open air filter, you loose 10 percent power, thats 13bhp on a Std V6. Closed Air filters do not have this problem. Spend the extra £100 and get something decent.

    Also Open Cold Air feeds (shat little pipe you get with cheap ind kits) not very effective! With turbulence in the engine bay from forward motion the stream of air most would like to pass into their filter is often not the case.

    If anyone wants to cut a hole in the wing to do what i have done i will post up further pics. I like everything to do its job at peak, if you just want the noise, pop into Motorworld and buy a £20 open filter, You will prob loose power if anything but its good for a laugh, thats where i started to play.

    Ever notice your car seems quicker on cold nights, same reason, denser air…... 8)

  • that ripspeed filter looks good, how much was that?
    As much as id like to cut out a hole in my wing, i just havent got the time, i appreciate the idea.

  • i think it was about £30. but its not oiled! luckily i had a k & n cleaning kit which will work with this type of cotton filter. the kit costs around a tenner. you will need to make some brackets (see my project)my brother works in a metal shop so i mite ask him to make a can and snorkel to go round the filter.

  • I'm getting the CAI from the probestore, looks ideal.

  • Filter Oil, WD40, Tent Seal, same stuff - Stops Water getting through and traps Forreign Particles…

  • hey after what tommy said about connecting the air filter to his wing. i have found this on ebay looks good enlclosing the filter and using the pipe to attach where you want it. just makes

  • I did want to get a PRM system, but they are expensive

  • That is quite small but it will be far better than an open filter!!! Open filters are used on Turbo cars mostly that use an Intercooler as most heat occurs due to compressing air and the heat energy increases due to the smaller volume.

    I have a Taipan Carbon Fiber (sealed) Induction kit. You can buy them for around £180. Its a big old thing, about 9"x7" and has a S'Steel filter element inside, works great, highly recomended…..

    To see any real performance gains you need to invest in a good filter as opposed to a shat one, i used to have a £20 cone filter on the AFM and when i changed to the current setup it was very noticeable. If you cant get good cold air into the engine, you loose power, simple as 8)

  • so that one on ebay that i found would be much better following mountaing the pipe somewhere near the front bumper etc than one of thoes giaint green one that i have that came with the car. also where di you get your filter from any links or pic

  • @a1737b972c=Tommy:

    The MX bay gets very hot

    ill throw up a quick how to on this! will make your bonnet a bit different looking and will allow all that hot air escape!

    simple but affective home made mod!

  • sounds interesting. following that. it has made me thing about bonnet vents. the fibre glass one you attact, and these will work to an effect not like chav style with just glued on. actually allowing the air to get in to engine more.

  • you just need to pay attention to which vents go which way!
    eg. you want them catching air around the air filter and just before the block to 1. give grater amount of air to the induction
    2. to give replacment cold air to the block the better the position the more of an affect u can have of the temp in your bay.

    also then facing away (twards the windscreen) on the winscreen side of hareas which heat up. eg. manifold, block etc.

    thats why you see the bonnets with vents facing away from windscreen around the arches (thats where the induction kit as and also causes the air to swirl around the engine bay lowering core temp.

    and twards the windscreen in the centre (just over manifold and block) allowing the warm air to escape

  • slightly confused. could you find us a few pics on what you mean mucker. or few like. this vent thing is new but like the idea. one thing would a vent scoop work etc middle. or would it be better with side bonnet scoops like triangle ovals. ( i know slightly confusing lol

  • One quick question, doesn't a bonnet provide a certain amount of protection for the engine too? from rain, road crap, spashes and anything else? does this need to be taken into consideration when installing vents? last thing you want is water in your electronics!

  • I havnt got as far as designing the best air flow setup for my car yet! So im not 100%

    but if you take off your bonnet and where the hindges are you will see the blots for bolting to the bonnet. take them off and head down to your local hardware store and pick up the same amount that came with the bonnet! normally there is 1 left 1 right but about an inch and a half longer or there abouts and get 6-8 nuts that tread over the bolts.

    and replace the new longer bolts to your hindges without fitting back on your bonnet.

    Now fit 2 nuts over the left bolt and 2 over the right 3 or even for on each depending on what suits.

    now bolt back on your bonnet.

    there you got for max a 10R you have just made yourself the simpelest and cheapest escape vent you can get. it also looks cool!

    Here is a picture of it done to my friends car.

    you notice that the windscreen side of the bonnet is raised 8)


    ok i know the pic is sidewaysbut anyway here is a picture of a 180 SX that was at the last 0-60performance meet.

    do you see the 2 big holes from the vent in the middle of the bonnet? well they are facing the windscreen when the bonnet is down (to allow the hot air to leave the engine bay)

    now if you look to the right and left of them you will see 2 small squares (with no holes) this would be the best spot for vents facing away from the windscreen because if you look into the engine bay he has his induction kit right under there.

    when your placing your exhaust vents (facing windscreen for hot air to leave) i would place them just where the back of the rocker cover is as it will be sucking heat from the manifold and as much of the block out.

    if you get the drift?

    if not say so and ill be more than happy to spend the night explaining things till you understand.

  • by joe i think i have it.

    tin cutters here we come (well may be something stronger). lol

    so what we need are something like thin on either side of bonnet facing forwards to suck in cold

    then something like this

    mounted in same way on bonnet facing rear of car. (poss wire mesh jobby in big gap to keep on shit)

    im good :oops:

  • fecking 56k connection :evil: link takin ages!

    just dont be like a honda head! and throw on big vents but not have a hole cut for them! cos in that case they are just like an air brake!

    hey if u wana see some cool vents! go to and look up the mx3 bonney they have! now thats the business! if you put a vent in the centre then it would be the dogs!

    wire mesh only stops crap falling into the engine! seen as your not going performance with ur car ur grand with the vents!

    im going all out so iv got a oil cooler system which will be mounted in the grill infront of the intercooler

  • @13dc06f277=Bellers:

    One quick question, doesn't a bonnet provide a certain amount of protection for the engine too? from rain, road crap, spashes and anything else? does this need to be taken into consideration when installing vents? last thing you want is water in your electronics!

    in a petrol car the only real things you have to ming i your distributer and spark plugs.

    by placing a vent at the back of the block you will be far enough from it! also the distributer and plugs are in the centre of the bay so the vent should be facing the the windscreen so unless you are triving in reverse at high speeds you have nothing to worry about. and the vents facing forwards are away from anything like that.

    but anyway! the tiny amount of water that would get in there wouldn affect the engine too easy remember they all have seals! only stuff like powerhosing your engine etc. dose that damage!


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