Hypnoticstoat's - GS Project

  • Yep, there exactly like the ones I have on my car and once the old repeaters are removed these are just big enough to cover the hole left behind and stick nicely (mine have been on a few years now and have never come off) Good choice of colours to suit as well.

  • cool are these really easy to wire up etc?? just i might buy them like now :P

  • These look to be even easier to wire up than mine were as they have and adaptor on the end that lets you plug it into the old bulb socket. Remove old repeater, remove bulb holder from back of old repeater remove bulb from socket, connect cable from new repeater to socket. test (very important, these things only work with the connections one way around so you dont want to stick it on and find youve connected it the wrong way) remove backing and stick. Throw old repeater into back of cupboard never to be seen again.

    With mine I had to cut the socket out and connect the wires with a tak block but thats no exactly rocket science either. :D

  • cheers matey, i emailed the ugy from ebay, he said he didnt think theyd fit but ill take your word on it they do :)

  • You'll be fine. The wiring at the back may be slightly different from mine but thats just a plug. If the plug doesnt fit just cut and splice the wires. The lenses and the dimensions are exactly the same as mine. :D What colour are you thinking of?

  • just the clear ones m8

  • Just fitted my new lights

    Ooooohhh shiney :D

    Finding the chrome bulbs for the indicators was a pain though, went round 7 shops before I found somewhere that wasn't sold out.

  • They look Sweeeeeet…. :D

  • lush mate!

    How long did it take? They def look the part!

  • must have had a good deal with my mx as these came on the car already

  • They where probably one of the quickest and easiest mods I've done to my car. 3 screws for each side, the lights then unclip (with a bit of force) to the left or right. Undo bulb holders. plug bulb holders back into new clusters reclip to car and put screws back in. In total it literally took me 20 minutes to do the pair. They cant make the clusters to hard to take out because you have to remove them to change the bulbs when they blow :D

  • right, gonna get me a pair of them as soon as I have the cash!

  • They do them in black, silver & carbon fibre effect. I put a link to the seller on ebay that I got them off on page 1 £88.99 inc P&P not a bad price i think. :D

  • just bought these for mine, and installed tonight, need to find bulbs and im jamming

  • I had a right PITA time trying to find bulbs for mine. I didn't want the orange ones cos of the fried egg look and everywhere I tried had sold out of the silvered ones. The only ones that seemed to be in stock anywhere were the Enigma type bulbs that are weird purple/green/yellow colours and shine orange but they only had them in the offset pin not the straight pin. Finally found a set in a small car spares place in the middle of nowhere (bought 2 sets just in case :D £5.99/pair )

  • cool :0 cheers mate ill go hunting on luch tomorrow

  • Just get 'em off ebay, they're plentiful. But if you get some free sidelight bulbs that look very blue, chuck them in the bin. after a while they go really yellow because the blue dye just burns off!

  • I'm just an impatient bast i could have got 2 sets off Ebay for the price of the petrol I used tracking them down :D Meh, they still look sweet though :D


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