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  • With the nice weather we had today and the fact that i got a half day off work I finally got around to giving my car a well deserved clean inside and out. Now its nice and sparkly I can post some pictures. Pretty much stock apart from an Induction kit, Power Flow exhaust and some 17" alloys but it makes me smile :D Just ordered a high flow cat ( to replace my nasty rattling one) & some black rear lights today. The plan is to get it lowered over the summer.

    The badge on the back where the lock usually is is to cover the nasty gaping hole that was left by some thieving little tw*ts that decided to take my amps and speakers from the boot :evil: They also did this to the passenger side door but didnt manage to get inside

    Im just going to have the handle removed completely from that side and have it filled in and repainted.
    More pics to follow as and when I get more bits done. :D

    Bonus photo of the other car I occasionaly get to play around with :

  • is that a real cobra??? or a copy's body with a different engine etc jag engine????/

    got a pic of the cobra engine bay?

  • Nah, its a kit car with a 3.5 Rover V8. It turned up looking like this

    And the engine bay now looks like this.

    I've got photos of the whole build start to finish so eventually I'll get around to posting a bit of an epic in the "Other Projects" section if anyone is interested.

  • good project. but bit of a let down.

  • In what way?

  • i think it looks the bollax mate

  • Nice Rover V8 in a Sumo? Nice Cars, fun to be in and they sound amazing. Quite quick, with 330bhp, yet my ZE accelerates much faster 8)

  • love the real cobra. smooth drive. friend of family has one.

    however cant put against a kit cat as never driven a copy etc. but still the same. what a project.

  • hey where did u get the clear front repeters mine are a minkey orrange colour!

  • Yeah well spotted, its a Sumo from Pilgrim Cars.

    The clear front indicators were on the car when I bought it, I thought they were standard?

  • Sorry, Im a dumbass. I reread your post and realised you meant the ones on the side of the car. I got them off ebay for £10 roughly 2 years ago but doing a quick search it turns out someone is still selling the same ones http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Smart-car-for-two-roadster-LED-Side-Repeaters-7-COLOURS_W0QQitemZ250104382353QQihZ015QQcategoryZ14763QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    They stick well and are just big enough to cover the hole left that removing the original ones leaves

  • My new rear lights arrived today. Very nice, I've been after a set of these in black for ages but never got round to ordering them. Their going on on Friday after I get some silvered bulbs for the indicators.

  • very nice! Are they the ones on ebay from the US?

  • if they are the ones from the us
    how long did they take to come
    and any import tax??

  • Yep shipped from America off Ebay

    £68.99 for the lights + £20 shipping

    No import tax paid. It says on the listing "Please note that NO additional charges will be incurred. All customs and VAT fees are built into the price of the item and charged to us directly."

    I ordered them on the 6th of April and they turned up today, so just under 2 weeks. The reason for that though is that when I paid with my PayPal account I clicked my bank account link instead of my credit card link and it takes 10 days to send payment from that account as opposed to 1-2 days for my card. So if you have a debit/credit card on paypal you can probably get them in a week easy.

    link vvvvvv


  • roadster side repeaters fit over the mx-3 ??

  • Yep, there exactly like the ones I have on my car and once the old repeaters are removed these are just big enough to cover the hole left behind and stick nicely (mine have been on a few years now and have never come off) Good choice of colours to suit as well.

  • cool are these really easy to wire up etc?? just i might buy them like now :P

  • These look to be even easier to wire up than mine were as they have and adaptor on the end that lets you plug it into the old bulb socket. Remove old repeater, remove bulb holder from back of old repeater remove bulb from socket, connect cable from new repeater to socket. test (very important, these things only work with the connections one way around so you dont want to stick it on and find youve connected it the wrong way) remove backing and stick. Throw old repeater into back of cupboard never to be seen again.

    With mine I had to cut the socket out and connect the wires with a tak block but thats no exactly rocket science either. :D

  • cheers matey, i emailed the ugy from ebay, he said he didnt think theyd fit but ill take your word on it they do :)

  • You'll be fine. The wiring at the back may be slightly different from mine but thats just a plug. If the plug doesnt fit just cut and splice the wires. The lenses and the dimensions are exactly the same as mine. :D What colour are you thinking of?


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