Who's on here? What engines you running? Who sells parts?

  • I could do with a good source of spare parts for a project I'm starting as well as get to know some mx3 owners.. Is there any mazda/car meets yous attend?

    Im after a nice clean interior if possible, cloth or leather as long as it looks clean.

    And I wouldn't mind seeing your mx3's

  • Don't really use mine any more.

    What do you have in mind for your project?

    Parts wise, people seem to use probestore and there are always bits on egay ;)

  • admin

    Hi Junior,

    Check out the project pages to see what people have been up to!

    There are so few of these out there now, many are off the road, like mine.. for now :)

    As Ricco mentioned probestore does stock some items but a few people have had mixed results from them, I think this is in part due to the reduced availability of parts for our cars.

    I've had pretty good success from my local Mazda dealer, and not all of the parts from them are over priced lol

    Welcome to the forums



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