Induction query

  • Well my parts have finally arrived and its time to fit but ive realised that there is nowhere on my new inlet for the breather to fit into. Can I just vent it to atmosphere or does it need to be connected up? Its the small pipe just before the throttle body I'm on about.

  • Hiya, you can just vent it with a small mini moto filter on the top as I did when I first got my mx3
    the reason the pipe connects to the inlet is because of enviromental laws meaning all these cars an lorries dont vent oil vapour out the bottom of the engine and pollue the atmosphere so they make the cars burn the oil vapour

    If it misfires you may have to find another solution as the oil pressure sensor makes it run lumpy if you take the filler cap or dipstick out but I never had any problems with mine

  • Big Tom, best, cleanest but slight costly solution is to fit oil vapour catch tank (£20-/+).

    There are two connections to intake tract for oil vapour removal, one either side of the throttle valve (butterfly).

    1. One off the front valve cover top, with the PCV valve on it enters behind the throttle butterfly.

    2. Two vents, one from each of the front and back cam covers ( cam belt end corner) converge into a 'T' piece and enter infront of the throttle butterfly valve.

    1. and 2. 'FROM' the cam covers should be somehow connected together (a further 'T' piece) and then enter your 'Catch tank'. Then their original connections 'AT' the inlet tract should be blocked off, as this will ensure NO erratic running issues caused by vacuum/induction leaks?

    NOTHING downstream (towards engine) of AIRFLOW METER should be open to atmosphere.

    PS djmarcopolo There is NO oil pressure sensor connected to the inlet tract!!!! Iirc the only 'oil pressure' device is connected to the lubricating oil pressure circuit located on the oil filter housing? this is a switch only, and illuminates the LOW OIL PRESSURE warning light on dashboard! its electrical output is ON or OFF. :o


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